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Print & Art Licensing

I specialise in illustration for surface pattern design and printed textile design, including my signature, highly detailed, hand drawn floral and botanical prints which are used in textile design, wallpaper and other manufactured printed products. 

In addition to my bespoke print design and creative services, I also have a collection of ready-to-buy prints which are available to purchase an exclusive license. If you are interested in accessing my online catalogue of print collections, access is available on application or is also available for industry buyers to view on the Patternfield App.

If you would like to view my available print collection pattern library, then please apply for access below. I’d also love to hear about any commercial collaborations or commissions you’d like to discuss, so for project proposals, please get in touch!

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My full collection of prints & designs are available on an exclusive or negotiable license basis to authenticated buyers only, so please apply below for access to my latest print collections. By applying you must agree to the terms and conditions of my pattern library (see details).

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